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The Start of Sequel of Jamie in... ~ The Children's Health Clinic

The Start of Sequel of Jamie in... ~ The Children's Health Clinic
I have started my new book, as a sequel to "Jamie on his Cloud", in Dutch and English. Not quite sure what the new title will be, but will work on that and be guided by the Grand Master. Perhaps you can help me find the name for my sequel? I surely would appreciate your vote on this. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5, The Children's health clinic, about the serious situation in our world on vaccination to children, which lead to all kinds of issue in their life. Enjoy the reading and would appreciate your comments and vote.


Chapter 5 The Children's health clinic

Then, after six weeks, his mother recieves a summons from the local health clinic, the ‘consultatiebureau.’ Her baby must have his first vaccination. In two weeks time. It is to protect him against all kinds of diseases, serious diseases. Jamie’s mother is, like most people in Holland, happy that the government is concerned about the health of their children. And that they will vaccinate their children for free. But she is also a little worried.
For she has read somewhere that vaccines sometimes can cause damage to babies. And to grown-up people as well. But of course she will go and of course Jamie will have his vaccination, just like all the other babies in the various health clinics in Holland. It is their job to monitor the health of the babies, to protect them against diseases and to advise the parents on how to raise their childeren in a good, responsible way. 
But, when the time comes to go to the health clinic, Jamie’s mother still feels a bit uneasy. She is reluctant to go. She is so happy with her baby at home that she would rather keep him there, close by herself. And she is also not sure about the vaccines. Something is worrying her, but she doesn’t know what. But she has to go, for vaccinating her child is an obligation. At least, that is what she thinks. So she will go. And the vaccines are meant to protect her baby against all kinds of diseases? Aren’t they? At least that is what the people tell her.
So she wraps up Jamie in warm clothes and takes him to the health clinic. It is very busy. There are many mothers, all with their babies on their lap, and a few fathers. They are all waiting to go into the room where the doctor is. Most of the babies are quiet. Some are crying. They wait for a while. Just before it is their turn to go into the doctor’s room, Jamie’s mother hears a terrible scream. It is coming from the doctor’s room. An unhuman scream. It is a baby, a baby screaming at the top of his voice. What is going on there? She doesn’t know, but it doesn’t feel good. It is making her uncomfortable. After a while the doctor and the mother, carrying her baby, come out of the room. 
“Nothing serious,” the doctor says “it sometimes happens. There is nothing to worry about. He will be fine.”
But Jamie, what is happening with Jamie? He is restless. And he is scared. For he knows. He knows that something is not right. That this baby is not okay. He can feel it, he can sense it. Something is terribly wrong with the baby. It is not the needle, it is the vaccin. Something in the vaccin has shocked the baby. Has hurt him. 
He looks at the baby and the baby looks at him. The poor baby. His face is all distorted. He is in terrible pain. Then the baby speaks to him. Without words. He speaks to him in the language of the Spirit World.
“It is poison. They have injected me with some kind of poison. There is poison in the vaccine. And I can’t get it out of my body. It hurts. And I know that I am going to be very sick. I may even die. Dear God, why are they doing it? Poisoning us? Why? So please,” and now the baby is looking at Jamie, “please don’t let them do it to you. Or you too will be hurt.” Before he can say any more his mother wraps him in warm clothes and hurries out of the health clinic.
Jamie is shocked. And scared. He wants to know what is going on. So he turns to the Spirit World, for he can still see the Spirit World. Like all babies. And he asks the Elders what was wrong with the baby. The Elders look at him. They look very serious. And they say: 
“Yes Jamie, you are right. That baby was right. He is very sick. He will be affected for the rest of his life. You have to know that these vaccines are not safe. There are ingredients in the vaccines that should not be there. Things that can badly hurt a baby. Like aluminium. Most babies will be able in time to overcome the poison in the vaccines. But quite a lot of babies cannot. They will be damaged. Some for the rest of their lifes. A few will even die. It is very, very sad what the people at the health clinic are doing to the babies.” 
At that moment the doctor, it is a female doctor, opens the door to the waiting room and welcomes Jamie’s mother with a smile. She holds the door to her office open and says:
“Come in please, come in and let me see you baby. Jamie’s mother picks up her baby and slowly walks into the office of the doctor. It feels as if she has lead in her shoes.  
“Wow, what a beautiful, healthy baby. He is perfect. Now, take a seat over there, set your baby on your lap, bare his leg and hold him close to you so we can give him his injection.”
Then something strange happens. It is as if the energy in the room is changing. Something isn’t right. Jamie knows things are not right. He has been warned by that poor baby and the Elders have confirmed that the vaccines are not safe. But he is here, in the health clinic, and he is about to be vaccinated. What can he do? He doesn’t want to be vaccinated. He is frightened. He must tell his mother, with his eyes, his hands, his body. Tell her to get out of there. But he is a baby, a little baby. He cannot speak and he can hardly move. How can he tell her? Fortunately his mother, who is very sensitive woman, senses that something is wrong. So she asks the docter:
“Is it okay doctor, this injection? Is it safe?” 
“Perfectly safe” the doctor replies, ”perfectly safe.” 
But Jamie’s mother is not convinced. She is a very observant  woman and she senses that something is wrong. Is the doctor speaking the truth? She doesn’t know. But if the doctor says that it is safe, then it must be  safe. For she is a doctor after all, so she knows best. It is her job. She has studied for many, many years. So she knows. Surely she knows what is best for her child? And shouldn’t we respect all doctors? All the people in white coats. But still she hesitates.
“Is it obligatory?” she asks. “Must he have this injection?”
Now the doctor gets a little impatient. “It is perfectly safe, madame. Perfectly safe. All the babies in Holland are vaccinated in our health clinics and it is perfectly safe.” But again this strange feeling is coming over her. She just can’t get rid of it. For the doctor did not really answer her question, did she? Or is it Jamie? He is acting so strange. Maybe it is just a feeling. Is he trying to tell her something? It is difficult to see for he is so small. She feels uncomfortable.  
Now Jamie is desperately trying to tell her what is wrong. He is sqeezing her hand with his little fingers. As hard as he can. But he is not very strong. He is clinging to his mother.  Looking at her with fear and desperation in his eyes. Pleading with her not to let him be vaccinated. He knows that the vaccines are not safe. And he knows that the doctor is lying. He  also knows that something terrible will happen if he is  injected. For he can see the future. His future. He knows. He doesn’t know how he knows, but he knows.
Again he speaks to the Spirit World, to the Elders. He can see them quite clearly. He is scared stiff.
“What can I do? What must I do? How can I tell my mother not to vaccinate me. Please Elders, please help me.”
“Oh Jamie, dear Jamie,” they say. “You are right. It is not safe. The vaccines are not safe. They are full of harmful ingredients. Most babies will be able to get rid of the poison in due time, but not all. Many get sick after an injection. And some may stay sick for the rest of their lifes. So don’t let the doctor do it. Try to stop her. Besides you don’t need it. You are quite safe as you are. You have a perfect immune system. You don’t need those vaccines. They can only harm you. So  tell your mother not to go ahead with the vaccination. Tell her before it is too late. We cannot help you. We are not allowed to interfere. It is her decision. But you, you can tell her. With your fingers, your eyes, your body. And with your mind. If nothing helps then use your mind. Tell her, and also tell her that vaccinating is not obligatory!”
Tell his mother. How can he tell his mother? How can he tell her what the Elders have told him? How can he stop the doctor? He is just a baby. He cannot talk. He can hardly move. Jamie is scared. Never in his life has he been so scared. But he tries, he tries very hard to tell her. Moving with his fingers and with his eyes.
And look at her. Maybe Jamie’s mother is picking up some of Jamie’s anxieties. For mothers are very close to their babies. Of course they are. They have carried them in their belly for months. So they know if their baby is  fine, or not. And they may even know what their baby are trying to tell her. It is called intuition. 
But then the doctor is a doctor. Surely she knows what is best for the baby!? Jamie’s mother is still not convinced. So again she turns to the doctor and asks:
“Can you tell me, doctor, what is in those vaccines? What ingredients are in the vaccines. Is it really safe? Is there an insert. And can you tell me what it says?” 
Now the doctor gets a little angry. This is taking too long. And this woman is asking too many questions. So she is not so friendly any more.
“Madame,” she says, “The vaccines are perfectly safe. A lot of research has been done and they all show that vaccines are safe. And your child must have this vaccine. For if he is not vaccinated he can get sick and then he will infect other children. So the disease will spread.” She is really angry now.
Jamie’s mother doesn’t know what to say. She is upset. And the docter is really angry. But again she did not answer her question, did she? Jamie’s mother doesn’t know what to do.
Now Jamie is getting desperate. He can see that his mother is hesitating. And he fears, no, he knows, that something terrible will to happen if she gives in to the doctor. So once more, in pure desperation, he turns to the Elders and asks them to help him. But again they say:
“We are sorry Jamie, but we cannot help you. We are not allowed to interfere. You must do this alone, together with your mother. But use the power in your mind.” 
There is only one thing to do. Use his mind. With all the power he has in his mind. He will ‘tell’ his mother, over and over again: “please, please, please, please mother do not let her inject me.”
His mother is still not sure what to do. The doctor has almost convinced her, but something is still holding her back. Maybe it is Jamie. Maybe she is picking up, with her mind, what Jamie is telling her. It is a crucial moment.
Jamie is desperate. He is screaming at her. Screaming with his mind, screaming with his body. Screaming with his soul.
“Don’t do it mammie. Dear mammie, dear mammie, please, please, don’t do it. Don’t let me be vaccinated. He is screaming at the top of his mind. Trying to reach her. Poor, poor Jamie. He is so small. And so weak. And so frightened. And his mother still does not react. Again he screams, he screams and he screams and he screams. Using all the power in his mind to reach his mother. Does she hear him? Does she sense what he is trying to tell her? Does she sense his fear? Does she? Jamie doesn’t know. He is terrified. Finally, in pure desperation, he asks for the help of the Spirit World. Not the Elders, but the angels, the elves, the masters, his guiding angels, all the spirits that protect him. 
“Please spirits, please, help me. I don’t want to be vaccinated. I don’t want this poison in my body. Help me. Please help me. Tell my mother, tell her. Make her understand. I tried to tell her, but I don’t know if she has heard me. Please, please, please help me.”
Jamie doesn’t know if his mother has heard him. If she has understood what he is trying to tell her. He doesn’t know if the Spirit World has reached her and given her the message. But it worked, somehow it worked. For after a while his mother sights deeply and asks the doctor:
“Doctor, tell me, tell me honestly, would you vaccinate your own children?” Now the doctor looks away. There is a sligth blush on her face. 
“I don’t have children” she says.
But his mother knows enough. She has seen the look on her face. And she knows that this doctor would never vaccinate her own children. For she knows that vaccines are not safe. Most doctors don’t know, they just follow orders, but this doctor knows. It was in her face. 
It is enough. Jamie’s mother has made up her mind. Jamie will not be vaccinated. Never. She picks up Jamie and walks out of the doctor’s office. Going home.
Oh dear God, thank you. Thank you so much. And thank you Spirit World, thank you Elders, thank you my lovely, guiding angels. I am safe. Safe for the moment. Now he is breathing mote easily. Finally he can rest. And be happy again. Happy Jamie. He snuggles up to his mother. It feels so good. 
But something is still worrying him. For if he did understand what that poor baby said, then so must others. Other babies. For babies can still see the Spirit World. And talk in the language of the Spirit World. With their mind. They must have been just as frightened as Jamie was. And they must have been trying to tell their mother, or their father, not to go on with the vaccination. Just like Jamie. And some may have listened to their babies. But most of them would not understand what their babies were saying, or sreaming. Or they were too frightened of the doctors, too frightened to listen to their babies. So many, many babies must have undergone a vaccination, knowing full well how much harm it might do. What a terrible situation it must have been. Those poor babies, some of them must be damaged for life. Damaged by the poison in the vaccines and damaged by the attitude of the doctors. And disappointed by the lack of understanding of their parents.
Later Jamie also feels sorry for his mother. His poor mother. It was very brave what she did. Standing up to the doctor. She really had the courage to face her. Not many mothers did  what she did. But they should. And his mother was right. Vaccines are not safe. Jamie knows that in the next few years his mother will be ‘attacked.’ Attacked by her friends, by her family and maybe even by her own husband. They will call her irresponsible, some will despise her and some may even call her a murderer. For not letting Janie be vaccinated. But his mother is a strong woman, she will stand firm and she will overcome these accusations. She will gently face those angry people. And after a few years she may be prooven right. And maybe the other mothers are not really angry. Maybe they are wondering if what they did was good for their children. For some of them are suffering from serious diseases. Some are always sick. Some are autistic. Some have terrible allergies. And some are disabled for the rest of their life. A few even died. And yes, the mysterious cot death may well be the result of a vaccination. Those mothers must be worried. Of course they are. They may feel that they have let their children down. They may regret that they didn’t  follow their instincts And refused the vaccination. Jamie knows that many mothers felt the same way as his mother did. Many were just as uneasy in the health clinic as she was. But they didn’t know. They thought that what happened was for the best of their babies. So most of them gave in to the authority of the doctor and the pressure of their friends.
Jamie is reflecting on all the things that have happened. And he can’t help but think: who knows best?  Who knows better what is good for a baby than his mother? Nobody. Nobody does. No-one is closer to her baby then a mother. It is the mother, who knows best. It is the mother who loves her child above all. It is the mother for whom the health of her child is the most important thing in the world. Not the doctor. The mother. No-one knows better than a mother!!!

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