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Newsletter January 2014 with wonderful ORB images

Newsletter January 2014 with wonderful ORB images

Times are strange. For January was the month before things were really going to happen. At least that is what my spiritual friends told me.

But lots of things did happen in January. Many people were ill of suffered from pain somewhere in their body. Others were restless, waiting for something to happen. Maybe they were being prepared for the new world. Maybe they were being transformed. And very strange: lot of small disasters struck us and many of our friends. As if to say: “these things should be cleared first, before you cango on!” There isn’t much else to say. Just a few things. But I got some awesome pictures. So enjoy.

AND dear friends. If you fancy spending some time at our domaine La Source in March or at the beginning of April and if you think you can help us with various jobs around the house, you are most welcome. Free lodging and good food in exchange for a couple of hours of your work. Let me know if you are interested.

Small disasters

La Source, our lovely domaine, had her misfortunes as any-one else. Some ladies had forgotten that we have a septic tank. So the whole sanitary system was blocked. It took Axel and myself two full days to clear things and to finally to fish out some female ‘tissues.’ Tissues that should have been dropped in the little bins placed next to the toilet as had been explained to them. Then the tubes in the kitchen were clogged solid with fat. Which took us, it was mostly Axel, again another day to clear PIC 01}. Next the dishwashing machine broke down. A Miele. And friends, it really takes some effort to break down a Miele

My car, a Nissan 4WD, needs two new bearings for its front tires. And the trees along our parking place have to be cut short according to the French multinational Orange, for the wires bringing us electricity and Internet are running through some of the branches. Well if you drive up the road from Couiza to Rennes-le-Chateau, you will see the same wires running  through other branches in 36 different places. I counted them! But nobody seems to be worried about them. ‘C'est comme ça’ they say in France.


The weather has been fine here, at least most of the time. A little rain sometimes, but never longer than a day or two. Enough to fill our River of Colours {PIC    }. Lots of sunshine and temperatures mostly above ten degrees. Often there is sun on the mountain and on our plateau, while there are huge white clouds in the valley. A spectecular sight. We are very lucky, for elsewhere in France it has been raining and raining. And there has been lots of snow in the Alps. And the Atlantic coasts have been battered by storm winds and huge waves. And it was not much better in the rest of Europe. And what to think of the east coast of the USA? With lots of snow and freezing cold. So let’s count our blessings.

And with this kind of weather we have some beautiful pictures for you. Of Les Labadous, of the clouds, of the river and of Axel and Rua, our dog, who finally seems to have accepted La Source as his home {PIC’s 02 – 12}.


Joke and Franklin went for a well deserved holiday to Barcelona. What a beautiful city. They had a good time. With the Ramblas and the Gaudi park and of course the magnificent Sacrada Familia.

Door came over for a few days to cheer me up and vice versa. We went to Albi with its huge cathedral, built like a fortress. See one half of the inside of the cathedral, with Orb {PIC 13}. And its magnificent treasures. With this treasure in the treasure room {PIC 14}. Next to the cathedral is the museum of Toulouse Lautrec. All very modern in a very ancient building. Beautiful. Just north of Albi, on a hill overlooking the city, is the Notre Dame de la Dreche {PIC 15}. An old pilgrim site where, in the 12th century, sheperds found a statue of the Virgin at the foot of a tree. Look at the beautiful statue of the Notre Dame {PIC 16} and the sacred spring at the foot of the hill {PIC 17}.

We also made a day trip to Beziers. The first city to fall during the cruel Albigensian Crusade. On July 22nd, the nameday of Mary Magdalene, the city was captured by the army of the Pope and 30.000 people were slaughtered. ‘Christians’ murdering their fellow Christians. It was at this place that the Church of Rome lost its respect. We visited the cathedral of St Nazaire on top of the hill in the old town {PIC 18}. And looked at the wonderful bridge over the river Orb. Funny isn’t it, that name ‘Orb.’

And we did some walking. Near that ever famous Pech Bugarach {PIC 19}. Passing some curious donkeys {PIC 20}. Again to that magic bridge called ‘Le Pont Romain’ near Bugarach. Door had a little fear of heights and took the bridge on all fours {PIC 21}.  

Finally a special trip. As I took my Swedish friend Kristina to the airport in Toulouse we made a slight detour to the destroyed monastry of Carol in Baulou. This time not to visit Mary Magdalene in her cave, but to visit Jesus in another cave. A very special statue {PIC 22} in a cave that was even more difficult to find.

Mary Magdalene

I am always looking for Mary Magdalene. For her statues, for her paintings, for her energy, for her spirit. This month I was lucky to meet her again. Look at this very, very ancient statue of her in the treasury of the cathedral of Albi {PIC 23}. And this painting of her in the cathedral of Saint-Nazaire in Beziers {PIC 24}.  


In between work, I managed to do some writing. The winter months are always good for writing and La Source has a wonderful writing energy. Our friend Francoise is  staying here for two weeks, just to write. And she does.

I finished the manuscript  Have fun in your own house, a cooking book for men.  It is in Dutch, I am sorry dear English and American friends, but as long as I am still an unknown entity in your country, I will have to write in Dutch. I sent it to my Dutch publisher, Uitgeverij Aspekt. I haven’t heard from them yet. I also finished my latest book on Orbs called The Orb evolution. Again in Dutch. I will send it to my publisher I as soon as I have selected the right pictures.

Then I am planning, for the benefit of my American friends, to translate my Dutch book Verschil moet er zijn, meaning There must be differences, from Dutch to English, or rather  to American. Maybe that will finally be my break-through on the American market!

And, there is a little fairy tale waiting at the back of my head!


It is incredible. Maybe the Orbs know that I am writing about them, for they are showing up in the most beautiful shapes. With wholes in them, Orbs covering each other, Orbs in strange combinations and configurations. But also Orbs with clear inner structures, like Mandala’s. And huge red Orbs, or Orbs looking like an umbrella. Their shapes are changing very fast. It is as if they are saying: ‘Jaap, dear Jaap, are you still not getting the message. Do we have to be even more explicit?” Well see for yourself  and enjoy this very special collection {PIC’s 25 – 48}.

And finally the council of Rennes-le-Chateau agreed to put my book Jamie sur son nuage in their gift shop. The shop you pass when entering the museum. Maybe that will bring my books to the attention of France. For isn’t strange that my book Mary Magdalene in France is not published in France?


You remember January 17th, the day of the blue Apples in Rennes-le-Chateau. The day where, around 1200 hours, you will see some blue apples appearing on the wall opposite the stained glass windows in the south side of the church {PIC 49}. There is nothing else to be seen, but the village, and the church are crowded. All the old “Rennies” as they are called, and I am one of them, are there. It is more a ceremonial meeting then a significant moment where some special secret is revealed. But it was a beautiful day. A day to fully enjoy the magic place of Rennes-le-Chateau. Look at the picture of Joke and Franklin that I took that day {PIC 50}.

We, Joke and I, also went to an expert on French law and taxes, Mr. Rob van Schijndel. He is living in Ceret, a lovely villge close to the Pyrenees. It was worth while. Finally some-one who gave us some good advice. Thank you Rob!

Newsletter March 2014
Extase uit Verschil moet er Zijn

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Guest - Ingrid on Friday, 07 February 2014 17:31

Jeetje, wat een mooie orbsen! Het lijkt wel alsof ze steeds mooier worden. Niet alleen van kleur maar ook van vorm. Indrukwekkend hoor! Sterkte met de onderhoudswerkzaamheden!!

Jeetje, wat een mooie orbsen! Het lijkt wel alsof ze steeds mooier worden. Niet alleen van kleur maar ook van vorm. Indrukwekkend hoor! Sterkte met de onderhoudswerkzaamheden!!
Guest - Leo van Dam on Friday, 21 March 2014 18:34

Voor het eerst, tijdens mijn bezoek aan les labadous (2 jaar geleden) kennis gemaakt met Jaap en het fenomeen orbsen en gefotografeerd. Terug in Nederland af en toe enkele orbsen gefotografeerd, maar nooi zo massaal als op les labadous. Fantastische foto's Jaap.

Voor het eerst, tijdens mijn bezoek aan les labadous (2 jaar geleden) kennis gemaakt met Jaap en het fenomeen orbsen en gefotografeerd. Terug in Nederland af en toe enkele orbsen gefotografeerd, maar nooi zo massaal als op les labadous. Fantastische foto's Jaap.
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