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News May 2013

News May 2013

A bit late, but better late than never. And these are strange times. Sometimes a day lasts much longer than a day. And at other times the days just seem to fly by. It often feels as if we are living in two separate worlds, parallel worlds. Well maybe I have been too busy with Orbs.

A lot has happened this last month. I made several trips, going east, going west, exploring this area in depth. Discovering new things. We did a lot of work getting Les Labadous ship shape. In perfect condition for the first groups. Tom Kenyon and Femke stayed with us. The weather has been very unpredictable. And I have been working on my books. Well enjoy!

The weather and other conspiracies

We should not complain, not here in the south of France. For the weather in Northern Europe was worse, far worse. It was awful. But still it was unpredictable. Beautiful sunny days, rain, fog, majestic clouds, strong winds and cold, very cold. It looked exactly like autumn in the Netherlands. See the Pech Bugarach covered by clouds {PIC 01}

And of course all the conspiracy theories came into full blossom. Telling us that the Gulfstream and the Jetstream in the northern Atlantic have changed their course. And that we should finally wake up. And do something about it. But I have a feeling that things are already happening now. That December 21st 2012 marked a change. That more and more people are waking up. That we should take care of each other and of our planet.  The information on Chem trails, pollution, poisoned food, non-reproductive seeds, toxic waste, dirty vaccines and more, much more, are filling the Internet. Together with the manipulation of governments, large multinational and powerful secret societies. They are slowly being exposed for what they are. And they are fighting back, desperately, but it is rear-guard action. The critical mass of angry people, people with new views, new attitudes and new ideas, is growing rapidly.

Going east

With my good friend Rian I travelled east. We wanted to have a look at a special place, the ND des Anges, high up on a hill, 700 metres high, in the middle of the Massif des Maures, 30 kilometres west of St-Tropez. Look at the lovely chapel {PIC 02}, the curious Black Madonna {PIC 03} and this strange lady {PIC 04}. And know dear friends that there I burned a candle for you! {PIC 05}.

Then we went to the Basilica Marie-Madeleine in St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume. The first and most important pilgrim site of Mary Magdalene. Look inside {PIC 06}. And outside {PIC 07}. It is incredible how many beautiful paintings, statues and panels of Mary Magdalene can be found in this basilica. And in what sorry state most of them are. Have a look at {PIC 08 – PIC 18}. Look also at the famous ‘noli me tangere’ scene {PIC 19} where the correct translation is not ‘do not touch me,’ but ‘do not cling to me.’ And the picture where Jesus is hanging on the cross and angels are collecting his blood {PIC 20}. A sure sign, for those who can see, that Jesus was still alive, for dead people do not bleed. In the town hall next to the basilica was an exposition about the building of the basilica. It was started in 1279 after Louis IX, king of France and Charles II king of Naples  {PIC 21} and count of the Provence, had discovered the remains of Mary Magdalene in the chapel. With this lovely portrait of Mary Magdalene {PIC 22}.

Next we went to Marseille. There we visited the basilica of St Victor, the oldest church of Marseille, the beautiful ND de la Garde with its imposing golden statue on top of the church and its magnificent, richly decorated interior {PIC 23}. And the Cathedrale Ste Marie-Majeure {PIC 24}. On the front porch of the cathedral  a crowning can be seen. Could this be Mary Magdalene crowned by Jesus {PIC 25}?

The last place to visit was the cathedral of Maguelone. On a peninsula south of Montpellier. Where they say was an ancient burial place of the early Christians {PIC 26}. The cathedral is almost empty. In one of the chapels a beautiful statue of Mary Magdalene can be found, without hands {PIC 27}.

Spring is there!

Despite the sometimes bad weather, spring nevertheless came through. Making everything beautiful, especially these lovely ladies Rian {PIC 28}, Averill {PIC 29} and my daughter Femke {PIC 30}. She has found a job in Holland, which is marvellous (congratulations Femke) and could come over for a week with her daughter Simone. Look at the three generations sitting in Le Jardin de Marie in front of the church of Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 31}. And isn’t this flower, next to the Ruisseau des Couleurs, a perfect example of the promise of spring {PIC 32}? The trees, the linden trees and the black poplar trees got their leaves back and the lawn got its first mow {PIC 33}. Spring is there!

Les Labadous

After painting the balcony of Le Ciel we also had to repair the wooden beams supporting the balcony. The French builders had put the beams on the floor, which is of course a recipe for rot {PIC 34}.

My place is covered again with ivy. And it is wonderful to sit outside, read a book and drink a glass with friends. Please do come, you are most welcome {PIC 34a}. Joke and Franklin are also sitting outside again. Most of the time with their computer {PIC 35}. Late in the evening the light of the setting sun covers our lady in a pinkish glow {PIC 36}. And the vultures from Bugarach keep drifting on the warm air {PIC 37}.

Mid May we had our first group from Stavoor. The pre-pensionados. Preparing themselves for their new way of life. We need not worry. They were very sporting. Walking we me to the cave of Mary Magdalene {PIC 38} and crossing the Ruisseau des Couleurs {PIC 39}.

Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon stayed at Les Labadous for a while. Resting from his extensive travels and his many performances all over the world. He invited me to come to his show in the Palais des Congres in Toulouse, organized by Ariane Editions. It was a magic performance. It is incredible what he can do with his wonderful stories, his down to earth wisdom, his sense of humour and of course with his powerful voice and musical instruments.

There were over 450 people in the Salle Auditorium St Exupery {PIC 40}. Here a close-up of Tom Kenyon and his French interpreter {PIC 41}. At lunchtime I walked through the city, visiting the Basilica of St Sernin wit hits beautiful market {PIC 42}. And at teatime we went to the park next to the Palais des Congres and feasted our eyes on the flowers {PIC 43}.

Book signing

On May 10th we had a ‘book signing’ event in the Jardin de Marie in Rennes-le-Chateau. The book was called “The Cathar View”, edited by Dave Patrick and published by Polair Publishing. In the book are 25 chapters of different contributors, including Anneke Koremans, Ani Williams, Val Wineyard and myself. On the picture you will see Column Hayward, Dave Patrick and Ani Williams toasting the success of the book {PIC 44}. Several contributors gave a speech, including me. Where I spoke of my fascination for Mary Magdalene and promoted my latest book “Jamie on his cloud.” Henry Lincoln recited a wonderful poem, accompanied on the harp by Ani Williams {PIC 45}.

Mara & David

I was happy to act as tour guide for this lovely couple from West Wales. More so because Mara herself is a tour guide for Scotland and Glastonbury. We went to quite a few places. I will show you the some of the most beautiful pictures I took during those days. First the Fontaine des Amours in Rennes-les-Bains. With the sun shining on the salty water {PIC 46}. Then the Fauteuil du Diable, also in R-L-B {PIC 47}. And the panel of the Last Supper in the Church of St Volusien in Foix {PIC 48}. Where the person next to Jesus is clearly a woman, for all to see. Then Le Pont du Diable, the devils bridge, between Foix and Tarascon-sur-Ariege {PIC 49}. And look at this wonderful view on the Pyrenees, from the top of the Grail castle in Mont-Real-de-Sos {PIC 50}.

A little further, up the mountain is the village of Goulier. With this enigmatic portrait of Mary Magdalene, standing at the foot of the cross and looking up, through her fingers, at her beloved Jesus {PIC 51}. It was a beautiful day. The sun was still shining, but clouds were rolling in over the Pyrenees. A wonderful setting for the Stone of Sem {PIC 52}. One afternoon we went to Collioure. Mara had to see the sea, Mare Mediterranea {PIC 53}. In the church near the harbour entrance is chapel, first on the right, with a magic painting of Mary Magdalene, sitting in a cave {PIC 54}. Alet-les-Bains can’t be missed. Especially not the abbey. Some say the most beautiful ruin in France {PIC 55}. And what about the mysterious wall painting in the church. A man with an eastern face, a shield with a Chinese dragon, a scythe in one hand and the other on Mary Magdalene’s shoulder. What could be the meaning of that? {PIC 56}.

And of course we went to the ND du Cros. With its magic Black Madonna {PIC 57} and great pick-nick place near the sacred Well {PIC 58}. Close by, In Laure-Minervois we discovered something new. The seven sided church of Sainte-Marie {PIC 59}. With in the church two very strange statues of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, mourning the death of their beloved Jesus {PIC 60}. The last trip was to the former Chateau Albedun, now the Chateau Templiers. Located on a steep mountain ridge near Bugarach. The last part of the climb was rather dangerous. Steep and many loose stones. But the view was magnificent {PIC 60a}.

Nina and Jerry

Again a wonderful couple. And Nina is also a very good healer. We had only a few days together, but we did see a lot. Like the church of St Salvayre {PIC 61}. The abbey of Polycarpe with the three Maries {PIC 62}. The Fontaine of Fontestorbes, bursting with water {PIC 63}. And the Earthgate in the former domain of Les Contes {PIC 64}. It has been renamed B & B La Colonie, it looks very nice and is run by two friendly, Dutch ladies.

Then of course the Montsegur, where standing at the monument I told them the story of the Cathars {PIC 65}. And finally, only for special people, Mary Magdalene in the cave of Baulou. Always an intense moving experience {PIC 66}.



On May 14th I celebrated my birthday. But because we had the group of Stavoor, we could not celebrate this happy occasion properly. And thank you very much dear friends for all your felicitations! Much appreciated! So Joke and Franklin invited me for lunch in a very special restaurant, somewhere up in the mountains behind St Ferriol. It is called “Petanque, Poulet, Biciclette.” A crazy name but a wonderful place and excellent food. Something to keep in mind {PIC 67}.


The market in Esperaza always is something special. Is it because the treacle waffles (stroopwafels) of our friend Paul? So much appreciated by Joke and Franklin {PIC 68}. Or the music, the flowers and the colours {PIC 69}.

Vide Grenier

This is the time of the Vide Greniers, in English ‘Garage sales.’

Where you can find the most wonderful things for almost nothing. Look what I found in the vide grenier in Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 70}. Does anyone know what type of cross this is? The vide grenier in Esperaza is something special. Situated along the river Aude, large and gentle {PIC 71}. And look what I found. Again a lovely portrait of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, clearly in love {PIC 72}. And isn’t this person next to Jesus at the Last Supper, clearly, a lady? A lady in love {PIC 73}.


My dear friend Abraham Tol is working very hard on making my manuscript “Mary Magdalene in France” into a wonderful e-book. With over 400 colour pictures. And the same dear friend is doing the same with my manuscript called “The Beauty and the Message of Orbs.” Look for availability of both books on my website: www.jaap-adventures.com, both books and Jamie sur son Nuage will be available on Amazon, as hardcopy book printed on demand.

My other dear friend Franklin Wolff is working on a shortened version of my Orbs book. A version that was first edited by Val Wineyard, but never completed. He is also working on editing the book “Jamie sur son nuage.” The French version of Jamie on his cloud, translated by Christelle Schoettel.

My publisher in Holland is working on my last book. It is about men and women, and how wonderful the relationship between these two sexes can be. But how sad things often turn out. And what to do about it.

And I am now finishing a cookbook for men, gentlemen. Men who have never done a lot of cooking, men who are a little stressed and men who want to enjoy themselves in their own house and in their own kitchen.


The contract with KPN Telecom for Joke’s and my i-Phone has finally expired. After two years. We paid far too much and were not correctly informed about the costs. Now we have prepaid French phones. My mobile number is: +33(0) 7 85 38 92 15. Joke’s mobile number is: +33(0) 7 85 38 92 31


I have taken some more pictures of Orbs. But they are not very special. Maybe my book about Orbs has to come out first. Or my video about flying Orbs in a thunderstorm has to get the proper attention. People are working on it. Please know that on November 13th 2013 I will give a presentation about Orbs, in Dutch, in that wonderful location ‘Op Hodenpijl’ in Schipluiden near Delft.

On Nomination in England: Jamie on his Cloud
NEW: Ebook Mary Magdalene in France


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