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Exploring North

Exploring North

The first place we meet is Limoux. Know for its carnival and the Blanquette de Limoux. A kind of champagne that tastes better than the real champagne and is much cheaper. In Limoux we will visit the church of St. Martin, with a stained glass window where Jesus and Mary Magdalene sit at equal height. To the east is the abbey of Polycarpe, just north of Limoux is the basilica ND de Marceille with its Black Madonna and healing waters and a little further north is the abbey of St Hilaire.

Further north is Carcassonne. With its famous old city, La Cite. A Unesco World Heritage site. In Carcassonne town you can visit the Canal du Midi and several interesting churches, basilicas and the cathedral. And do some shopping of course.

North of Carcassonne are some very interesting sites. Let me name a few. First of all the city of books Montolieu. Then the Cathar Castle of Lastour. And the beautiful caves of Limousis and Cabrespine. A little further west you will find the abbey of Caunes Minervois and close by the ND du Cross, with another Black Madonna and famous spring. North of Caunes Minervois are several Dolmens like the Dolmen of Rolande and the Dolmen des Fades. A little further west is Minerve. Surrounded by rivers. With its famous dove carved in the rock.

Still further north you can find interesting places like Albi, with its huge church looking like a castle, St Pons de Thomieres with its richly decorated church, the citadel of Cordes-sur-Ciel and still further away the beautiful site of Rocamadour. A church built into a cliff site, again with a magical Black Madonna.


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