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New Release: Van Annunaki tot Illuminati - van slaaf to slaaf


I am extremely happy with my latest book, my 11th book, called: “From Anunnaki to Illuminati, subtitle: From Slave to Slave”. It is a culmination of my experiences in France, at Rennes-le-Chateau where I lived for several years. Meeting Mary Magdalene, the Cathars, UFO’s, the Bugarach mountain, secret societies and especially ORB’s. Those mysterious light bulbs really triggered me to write this book.

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Newsletter 2019-2018


Dear friends

It has been some time that we last saw each other, well maybe we did in our dreams, but now it is time to meet again in words, in spirit and in pictures.

It has been a busy time, very busy. So much has happened. You’d think that when you are retired, life will be easier. Well maybe it does, but not for me, not yet. I had hoped that after  renovating my house, after putting everything in place and after returning from Ethiopia, I would finally be able to settle down in Exmorra, but it did not quite work out that way.

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New Editions: Mary Magdalene in France & The Orbs Evolution


Very happy to let you know, that with the help of Kevin Custers and Abraham Tol, that these books have been re-editted for grammar and minor corrections. They are both available on Amazon. Also the cover for MM had to be redone, due to the taking over of Createspace by Kindle. Both Amazon companies, so one would think all remains the same, unfortunately that is not the case. However we managed and hope you will enjoy the new editions. Kevin is also addressing the American market for these books and others. Thanks to both!


Mary Magdalene in France on Amazon

The Orbs Evolution


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Newsletter January 2018, Ethiopia


It was a gift, a birthday gift. My seventies birthday. And what to give a man who has everything? So, I asked for a contribution to go to Ethiopia. A land I just had to visit. Just like Peru a few years ago. I don’t know why, but I had to go there. There was a special tour organized by the well-known and respected travel agency called Djoser. An adventurous trip of three weeks touring all of Ethiopia, including Christmas, I mean Ethiopian Christmas, on January 7th and the Timk at Festival on January 19th.

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NEW RELEASE: The Orbs Evolution


I am very pleased with my latest book The Orbs Evolution, originally written in Dutch so it has taken some time for the translation, make-up and editting. But we have managed. I like to thank Tina Hartzell and Abraham Tol for their devotion and it has been a pleasure to work together in 3 different parts of the world. The book will be on sale tomorrow on Amazon and Kindle. I urge you to read and enjoy the insights and magnificent photos. 

~ Jaap

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