For more then fifteen years I have been in the area of Rennes-le-Château. I was first attracted to this magic place by the book: "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" written by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln. From the moment I set foot in Rennes-le-Château the place "ran in my blood". It was like a homecoming. Five to six times a year I travelled from Holland to the south of France. 

Sometimes for just one weekend. To be "charged" again by the wonderful energy of the place. In 1998 my wife Joke and I bought a domaine called "Les Labadous", meaning in Occitan the washing place or cleansing place. It is located one mile south of the village ofRennes-le-Château, along a little stream called the Ruissau des Couleurs, the river of colours, bordered by huge black poplar trees. We established a "Chambres d'Hotes and Gites" at LesLabadous and have since then received thousands of guests, famous writers, camera teams, adventurers, researchers and many spiritual groups. There have been seminars, wedding parties, festivals, presentations, everything. It is a place of beauty, joy, healing and love.


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