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Jamie on his Cloud

Where once a farm stood. It is a magical place with the river of colours, the trees and the birds and a wonderful, loving and healing energy. When I am writing about Jamie the words seem to flow on my keyboard. I smile when I write and sometimes when I am writing a very moving scene, I am softly crying.

It is as if I know the characters in my book and as if they came back in my life Back to Les Labadous, as I did. This must be for a reason. Maybe it is to write about Mary Magdalene. At the time when she was here. To write about the person as I knew her. She was, and she, is a wonderful woman.

And I know that I promised her at that time, to write about her. As I have done, in this book and several other books. To tell the people who she really was This is a bit my story. From a long, long time ago. Almost two thousand years ago. It is as if I have lived the life of Jamie and experienced what he did, here in France.

I felt it in regression therapies,in channeling sessions, in meditations, but most of all by just being here. Living at this beautiful place called Les Labadous in the valley south of Rennes-le-Château. Maybe I wrote this book to give people hope to tell them that we are not alone in this world that we are guided and protected and that, if we ask for help, it will be given. To tell the people, in simple words, about the Spirit World and our immortal soul. To tell them about love, universal love. As our guiding factor. Those things exist, they are really there.

To ask the people to make the world a better place to respect life, nature and the earth to live a life of joy, of meaning a life of love and compassion. There are more than 25 drawings in the book. Drawings of Jamie, the Spirit World and Mary Magdalene beautiful drawings, made especially for this book.

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