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You are so Beautiful

I am fascinated by the relationships between men and women. People who love each other, who have a tremendous affection for each other. People who work together. People who have fun and laugh a lot. People who talk to each other and listen to each other. But also people who quarrel, who complain, who fight, who shout and feel they are being victimised. People who are desperately in love. Or people who have just broken up their relationship. People who make each other happy. People who love themselves and the world. Or people who can’t love and can’t forgive. Or people who hate themselves, Or need to love of another person. People who make their partners life a hell. People who are lonely and are desperately looking for company, for a friend, for affection and intimacy. There is so much going around in relationships.

I have seen quite a lot of it. And experienced quite a lot of it. But I am a very curious man. And I want to see the people happy. So I observe what is happening. And analyse what has happened. I have talked to hundreds of men and women, asking them why they behaved like they did. Why they acted as they did. I wanted to know why. Because I think we first need to know what causes the problems in relationships, before we can solve them.

And I think it should be easy. Because we are very much attracted to each other. We men, we love to be with a nice woman. An attractive woman. A woman that can smile and laugh and love. What is more beautiful in the world than having a wonderful relationship? Well maybe getting a child, seeing a child being born. But that too is love.

And women are attracted to men. To real men, who act like men, decisive, intelligent, men with a sense of humour, good company and men who are good lovers. Well all men and all women are created just for that. They are different and that is what makes it so attractive. If only….., if only……, if only…….., if only……

And then a long list of deficiencies, I am wording it nicely, in men and women is put forward, discussed at length and then used to make each other’s life more miserable. Including your own life.

And it is not necessary at all. At least in my opinion. It is so easy. If only men would accept that women are different and if only women would accept that men are different. That’s all. There are many books written about these differences. With lists of “does and don’ts”. With hundreds of examples of what he or she does not like. And with all kinds of exercises on how to correct these situations. Good books, like the books of John Gray about Women coming from Venus and Men from Mars, but somehow they don’t seem to “work”.

There are hundreds of books, magazines, TV programs, documentaries articles, of what is wrong with men. It is a very popular topic. And it may have served its purpose in the emancipation process that started, in the western world, in the sixties of the last century. But there are not so many books describing what is wrong with women.  Very few indeed. That is still “not done”. You could even say that it is taboo. At least in Holland. “Don’t criticize the women!”  My book was published by a brave publisher, but it was not distributed to the bookshops. By the two or three big distributors, who in fact have all the power. They did not dare to distribute such a controversial book!

But the emancipation process in the West is a bit over the top now. Maybe it is useful for the Muslim world. Where after the revolutions that are going on now against dictators and autocratic governments, a new revolution is waiting to happen. A very critical revolution. The emancipation of Muslim women in a masculine Muslim world.

But let us stick to the West. Here the emancipation process has gone too far, over the top. I know, many women think it has not gone far enough, but many more women are not happy with the situation as it is right now. I have written a book in Dutch called “Teach me about women”. With 40 articles. It is a book for men. To hearten men. With practical situations. Very recognizable, with lots of humour and with some good advise. That is what works best for men. No lecturing, no exercises, no footnotes. But “normal”, every day situations. These are the things we can relate to.

I have written 180 articles. They are like columns, describing specific situations, analysing then, making the men laugh about it and giving good advice. All together 535 pages of typed text seize A4. It is written in Dutch. I can offer those articles as columns; I can group them around specific topics. I can make them into four or five books. They are easy to translate. I may have to adept them a little to specific American situations, but that is not too difficult. So I am looking for a publisher. And it would be nice if I could have a little drawing or illustration with each chapter.

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