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Glastonbury and the Holy Grail

Glastonbury is just like Rennes-le-Château a sacred place. And just like Rennes-le-Château it is a very ancient place. Maybe there was even a settlement of Atlantis. I have been to Glastonbury several times and became so captivated by the atmosphere, the stories and the mysteries of the place that I wrote a book about it. Called “Glastonbury and the Holy Grail”. In Dutch, my native language. I am still waiting and hoping for a publisher to translate my book, with many interesting stories and beautiful pictures, in English and to publish it.

Glastonbury is a magic place located in a magical area. Surrounded by the awesome stone circles like those of Avebury and Stonehenge. Built on the Mystical Isle of Avalon, with its 158 meter high Tor. The hill that dominates the city and is a beacon for travellers, both from land and over sea. It is a place of ancient Gods and Goddesses. A place with a special energy, where important Ley Lines meet. A portal to the World of the Dead and a Gateway to Heaven. A place of healing and transformation. And an ancient, sacred place of the druids.

Joseph of Arimathea, the brother of Jesus came to this place where he married princess Enygeusa and established a royal bloodline. He planted his staff on Wearyall Hill from which grew the sacred Thorn. He erected what is probably the oldest church In Europe, dedicated to Mary or to Mary Magdalene on the spot where later one of the most beautiful and most important abbeys of England would stand. An abbey that even as a ruin has a most powerful emanation. And Joseph may even have brought the Holy Grail to Glastonbury.

It is the place of King Arthur and Merlin and the lady of the Lake. And the Knights of the Round Table. The place also where most of the Grail legends started. The place with its powerful abbey honoured and protected by all the powerful kings of the Celts, the Saxons, and the Normans. Until this crazy king Henry VIII put an end to it, in his infamous Dissolution Act of 1559.

It is a place where Mary Magdalene could have been. Living in a cave under the Chalice hill, together with her daughter Sarah, near the sacred Red Spring and the sacred White Spring. Glastonbury has many similarities with Rennes-le-Château, the other sacred place in Europe. I wrote a whole chapter on these similarities and wrote several articles about this topic

Nowadays Glastonbury is famous for its huge Pilton Pop Rock Festival. Every year more than 100.000 young people come to this place. It is a place of joy, of festivals and carnivals. A place for pilgrims. A place in the middle of a wonderful natural landscape. A place of healing and sacred femininity. Nowhere in the world have I felt such powerful loving female energy. And funny enough, a place where now the ancient Gods and Goddesses seem to blend in with the Christian Gods and saint into some new kind of religion.

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