Just as in the east, the west has also much to offer. So we better take two days. First to Esperaza, then the inner road to Fa and Rouvenac and from there to the castle of Puivert. The castle of the troubadours and courtly love. From Puivert to Belesta with the ND du Val d’Amour and its Black Madonna. Then south. We pass the strange Fontaine the Fontestorbes where the water rises and falls every half hour. But our main objective is Montsegur. The famous Cathar castle. An awesome sight. The village is also pretty. It has a museum and a lovely church with  two Black Madonna’s.

In the east there is so much to be seen that we better take two days. We first go to Bugarach, then to the Col de Linas from where most people climb the Pech Bugarach and then on to Cubieres. It has a lovely little church. Here we turn south to the famous Gorges the Galamus. A spectacular road hacked out of the rocks in the nineteenth century. Halfway is the Hermitage de St Antoine with a church in a huge cave. Really spectacular. On to St Paul de Fenouillet in a broad valley stretching all the way to the Mediterranean. An area famous for its wines. Especially the Cotes de Roussillon, the Rivesaltes, the Banyuls and the Fitou wines.

First we take the road to Quillan. There is not much to be seen in Quillan, but there are wonderful shops and good restaurants. Then we can go east through he Gorges de Pierre Lys to Axat. From there we have several choices. A little further east to the Chateau Puilaurens. One of the best preserved Cathar castles. Nearby is the beautiful ND de Laval. Then, at St Paul de Fenouillet, we turn south. A side step to the aqueduct d’Ansignan and then to Sournia with its strange rock formations. Over the mountain to Prades, a big city. With south of Prades the Abbey of St Michel de Cuxa and further south, at he foot of the magic mountain de Canigou the abbey of St. Martin du Canigou.

The first place we meet is Limoux. Know for its carnival and the Blanquette de Limoux. A kind of champagne that tastes better than the real champagne and is much cheaper. In Limoux we will visit the church of St. Martin, with a stained glass window where Jesus and Mary Magdalene sit at equal height. To the east is the abbey of Polycarpe, just north of Limoux is the basilica ND de Marceille with its Black Madonna and healing waters and a little further north is the abbey of St Hilaire.

I present you with an extensive overview of my favorite places. Places that I love to show my friends and customers. And places they love as well. 

Guided tours

First some impressions. Let it be known, if it is not already known, that I love to take people around. And that I love to tell them about the magic and mysteries of this beautiful, this Holy Land. And that I love to show them the most exotic and wonderful places in this country. Especially places with a high energy and places that are hard to find. And that I love to take pictures. Of the places where we go and of the people I am guiding. 

In the area around Rennes-le-Château we will visit Rennes-les-Bains with its hot springs, its Fauteuil du Diable, the Cercle Spring, its Trembling Rocks, the Source Madeleine, the Fontaine des Amours, and its lovely square with an Italian restaurant and a café. In the summer music will be played there and people will be dancing.

I have written over 175 columns about the “misunderstandings” between men and women. And there are many more to be described! Many, many more. Forty of these columns have been published in a book called “Leer mij (de) vrouwen kennen”, meaning ‘teach me about women’. And there is still a lot to learn, for us men.

I provide in depth presentations about Rennes-le-Château, Cathars, Maria Magdelene and Orbs. Some of these topics are outlined in more detail below. Naturally I design and make presentations tailored when needed.

During the last fifteen years I took over 20.000 pictures. Of Rennes-le-Château and the area surrounding this hilltop village. Of other places in France, the Second Holy Country, places where Mary Magdalene is still "present". 

I love to guide people around and show you this beautiful, mysterious area. This magical place. Let you experience at first hand the wonderful energies of this region.

The healing energy of La Source at Les Labadous. The energy of Mary Magdalene; creative, spiritual, so feminine. The energy of sacred mountains like the Pech Cardou and the Pech Bugarach. Show the rivers, sources and springs.

La Source at Les Labadous is a special place. A place of love, with a strong healing energy. The energy of Mary Magdalene. Many groups came and are coming to this place. To perform all kinds of healing activities, varying from sound healing to crystal skull ceremonies. And they work.

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